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Björn De Feyter

I analyze and feel, I feel and analyze. An image emerges that gives direction to the process of feeling / analyzing, to the point that a definitive image emerges. Ratio and poetry merge with each other. I look for the subjects for my work in my immediate environment and try to give them a more universal character. References to the world of the house painter, my father's profession, are frequent. The paint-stained black cloths that my father used to protect furniture and floors at the time, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. All canvases were numbered, photographed and archived. The pictures of the canvases are used for making new work. The clothes themselves are used to make installations that are reversible. Male figures are portrayed in my blurry pictures; 'Standstills' that demand attention, stimulate the imagination and then let go again. Moments of stillness are shown; images that in turn generate a moment of stillness in the viewer. I try to create a universe that doesn't leave the viewer unmoved, yet always in a subtle way, without wanting to shock. Many of my works are 'whitened' (with pastel, paint, filler, ...) in analogy with the way in which my father painted walls and ceilings for 40 years.

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