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Lisette Put

In my work I use daily repetitive acts as a form of ritual to explore and question the state that I am in, often pushing myself in uncomfortable ways to confront it in a painfully humorous manner. The timeframe and the accumulation of work is important, the process cannot be caught in one act. I never look for answers, rather the piece serves as a record of what I experience and is a potential source of insight into what I cannot see or share. There is an ambivalence between wanting to be completely open and closed. I include all that I cannot or do not want to say out loud, with the knowledge that it will be translated into a piece that carries those feelings in a less revealing manner. While the start of a project is spontaneous, the following stages are highly rigorous. My initial responses are processed within systems of my own making, following sets of rules that I create and which provide a much needed structure to deal with my chaotic internal world.

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