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Beste kunstliefhebber,


Arttelex is oprecht trots om 10 jonge kunstenaars hun eerste stappen op de wereld los te laten.

We hebben met dit internationaal gezelschap een boeiende tentoonstelling kunnen samenstellen.

Zowel grafiek, schilderkunst, ruimtelijk werk, keramiek en video komen aan bod.

Ze hebben allen gestudeerd aan Sint-Lucas Antwerpen.

Ze hebben zeker de vingers aan de pols van deze tijd.

Deelnemende kunstenaars:

Winke Seels, Yana  Van Ginneken, Sam Thys, Wout Van Ackere, Nastia Krasinsaia,

HS Zb HHcanni, Elenora Rondags,Eveline Van Rijt, Delphine Spinnox, Cifer Huseyin.


Vernissage op vrijdag 12 juli van 18.00 tot 21.00 uur.

13, 14, 18, 19 20,21 25,26,27 juli van 14.00 tot 18.00 uur.

Finissage op zondag 28 juli van 14.00 tot 18.00 uur.

Arttelex presents: The A(F)(R)TER PARTY “

A dynamic exhibition uniting a diverse group of international artists,

"The A(F)(R)TER PARTY" is a celebration of a constellation of artworks where varied artistic expressions converge, creating a vibrant and lively experience.”


This party is rooted in the present, fed by the time passed but it also shoots boldly toward the future. We provoke not for mere visual feast, but to awaken and to react within the embodiments of all the visual narratives and our spirits. Through memories, rootedness, dreams, excitement, passions, and the paths of life, we are all interconnected. Thus, we aim to ignite imaginations by inviting everyone to a passage of thoughts, emotions, and cultural significance.See if you can find your reflections in the experiences of others, and acknowledge the traces that bind us in shared existence.


Individuality is not a constraint but a thread that connects, fostering endless possibilities. Each artwork initiates a dialogue, inviting reflection, sharing, and connection. Here, we are not mere spectators but active participants in a greater collective dialogue. We listen, speak, and find common ground in the diverse expressions of our experiences. Therefore we invite you to look and reach beyond what you see to feel the light of the party.


Join us in this celebration, unwind with us.

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